6.65MM Teal sapphire – Pure natural unheated Blue + Green Sapphire Gemstone uses for Peacock sapphire engagement ring


Teal sapphire is a unique and special variety of corundum that features two of nature’s most majestic colors: deep ocean blue and vivacious green. This incredible combination perhaps explains why many experts today consider this gem the next revolution in multi-colored sapphires.

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This is a teal sapphire for a ring, Unheated Blue Green Sapphire 0.650 cts, Peacock sapphire engagement ring.
This natural loose stone is a liable rare sapphire that has been sourced out to us right from the mines. It has a preeminent hue of greenish-blue; this stone has been very carefully graded and cut to perfection into a TearDrop shape. Such a stone is perfect for a pair of earrings. If you would like to set in a pair of earrings, please send us a message to discuss.


1• Stone ID: 306

2• Variety/Species: Sapphire

3• Shape/Cutting Style: Teardrop

4• Dimensions: 6.65mm x 4.69mm x 2.75mm

5• Calibrated: Yes

6• Treatment: Heated

7• Weight: 0.650

8• CUT

1) Luster : 100% 2) Overall Finish : 100%


Clarity grade would come under Eye Clean and the clarity characteristics are: Crystal

10• Hue: Greenish Blue
Tone: Medium Dark

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Bit of a long road ahead but worth it!
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Unheated vs Heated Gemstone?
Over 95% of all sapphires in the world are heat-treated.
This is still a natural Gemstone and certified as such Gem labs all over the world.
NO COLOR is induced.
It is ONLY exposed to heat – kind of like popping into a microwave.
It allows for the natural colour which is ALREADY INSIDE the rough gemstone to spread evenly.

Think of it like this, mother nature couldn’t bake the cake long enough, so we have to bake it just a bit more for the texture inside to be just right.

Hence an unheated gemstone would mean, in its rough formation, colour has spread both evenly and in the correct shade.
This is VERY RARE.

A color-treated sapphire is different. (We don’t deal with these kinds of stones)
Here, color is artificially induced in various methods (dye, coating, diffusion, Lab created, beryllium, etc)
This is NO LONGER a natural gemstone since the color has been artificially introduced.
Hence the value is DRASTICALLY LESS



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